Volume 2, No. 4 • Winter 1987


Equipment used in this 1894 nitrous oxide anesthetic administered by Dr. J.H. Branson at the National Homeopathic Hospital in Washington was most likely serviced (if at all) by the user, While there was no “modem” equipment or technique, at least the O.R. furniture was more stylish than today’s.

Video on Safety and Costs Available Free

A new video production which addresses the issue of improving patient safety within an environment of cost containment is now available from the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation.

This 30-minute videotape entitled “Safety and Cost in Anesthesia,” presents the scope, costs and implications of adverse outcomes, and proposes potential solutions for risk reduction through the coordinated actions of all parties involved in the quest for improved anesthesia safety.

The program is based primarily on presentations delivered at a February 1987 workshop on Anesthesia Safety and Cost Containment held in Gainesville, Florida, which was co-sponsored by the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation and the University of Florida College of Medicine.

Speakers and attendees represented at the workshop included anesthesiologists, hospital administrators, quality assurance managers, insurance officials, manufacturing executives, lawyers and a training director from the airline industry.

VHS-format copies of the video program are available at no charge from the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation. Please write to the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation, 51 5 Busse Highway, Park Ridge, IL 60068. The APSF acknowledges Dr. I.S. Gravenstein of the University of Florida College of Medicine for his participation in the development of this program, and Ohmeda for video Production and funding.

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