APSF Mission, Vision and Values

APSF Mission Statement

The APSF’s mission is to improve the safety of patients during anesthesia care by:

  • Identifying safety initiatives and creating recommendations to implement directly and with partner organizations
  • Being a leading voice for anesthesia patient safety worldwide
  • Supporting and advancing anesthesia patient safety culture, knowledge, and learning

APSF Vision Statement

That no one shall be harmed by anesthesia care.

APSF Values

Values provide the guiding principles and beliefs that help define APSF’s culture, shape our decision-making process and aspirations, and influence how we interact with our stakeholders. Our values are central to helping us achieve our mission and vision for the future.


Focused to achieve our mission and vision, that no one shall be harmed by anesthesia care


Behave to highest ethical and moral standards


Create forums and the atmosphere where practice is thoughtfully debated toward the aim of achieving the highest impact on patient and provider safety


Include multiple disciplines and perspectives to ensure careful consideration of diverse viewpoints

APSF Statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Equity, inclusion, and diversity are core values of the APSF. The inclusion of diverse perspectives stemming from professional identities and personal experiences supports patient safety by enabling the proactive identification of and effective responses to patient safety challenges. For this reason, we commit to living and promoting equity, inclusion, and diversity in all our endeavors, including grant making, education, advocacy, and in the governance of the APSF.