Surgical Fires – A Preventable Problem

Preventing Surgical Fires

Table of Contents

Fire Prevention AlgorithmFire Prevention Algorithm

Preventing Surgical Fires (5 min.)

This short video focuses entirely on best practices for preventing operating room fires. Following the recommendations in this video are essential to preventing fires.

Prevention and Management of Operating Room Fires (18 min.)

With the assistance of ECRI Institute, APSF has produced an 18-minute long video, Prevention and Management of Operating Room Fires, which was released in February 2010. The intended audience is everyone who works in the OR during surgery. This video provides more detail on the steps for preventing surgical fires and management should a fire occur.


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Supplemental Information

The most notable finding when cases of operating room fires are reviewed is that most if not all are preventable! This video is intended to promote the best practices known to prevent the potentially devastating complication of a fire in the operating room. Each member of the operating room care team has a role to play in preventing operating room fires. The following commentaries are intended to put the recommendations in the video into the context of current practice.

Read commentary for the ANESTHESIA PROFESSIONAL

Read commentary for the ENT SURGEON

APSF Newsletter articles on OR fire prevention and management

Winter 2012 APSF Newsletter
Surgical Fire Injuries Continue to Occur

October 2014 APSF Newsletter
Flammable Surgical Preps Require Vigilance

Winter 2011 APSF Newsletter
Q & A: Why Should I Learn About Fire Extinguishers

Printable Posters and Visual Aids

These resources are available for you to download and print. The pdfs are high resolution and can be enlarged by your local copy shop as posters if desired.

OR Fire Prevention Algorithm poster
8.5×11 inches | 11×17 inches | 22×28 inches

OR Fire Prevention poster
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22×28 inches (with bleed)

OR Fire Prevention Flyer – 2 pages
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