APSF Social Media Policy

Last reviewed August 18, 2023 by APSF Social Media Staff

Welcome to the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation Policy and Guidelines for social media management. The APSF is dedicated to providing anesthesia patient safety-related content that is relevant, timely, and high quality for its followers, with the vision that “No one shall be harmed by anesthesia care”. We encourage discussion, interaction and dissemination of our content by the public. This does not imply that we support or endorse the views or opinions expressed by a user unless explicitly stated. Users are personally responsible for their content. Likewise, reposts or shares of non-APSF content by the APSF do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of the APSF.

In order to achieve this goal, we have established the following guidelines for social media engagement:

  • Posts may be removed, hidden, or reported for the following:
    • Sharing personal information or sensitive information about others. This includes any patient-identifying material.
    • Using offensive language. This includes making derogatory statements about individuals or groups of people, including patients, types of healthcare professionals and members of marginalized groups.
    • Posting personal attacks, divisive speech, name-calling, inflammatory comments, obscene language, hate speech or any other forms of aggression.
    • Posting known illegal or copyrighted content.
    • Posting threatening or harassing messages.
    • Posting self-promoting material unrelated to the discussion—personal, business, academic, or otherwise.
    • Posting off-topic content.
    • Posting content misrepresenting oneself or the APSF.
  • APSF also reserves the right to not delete or hide posts.

We reserve the right to remove any post that we deem in violation of these guidelines, and to ban comments and users that repeatedly violate these guidelines. Our social media accounts are intermittently monitored throughout the week. Constructive comments on APSF activities or operations should be sent to [email protected].

Thank you for helping to create a respectful and welcoming community!