ASA/APSF Ellison C. Pierce, Jr., MD Memorial Lecturers

The ASA/APSF Ellison C. Pierce Patient Safety Memorial Lecture is dedicated to recognizing the contributions to anesthesia patient safety of Ellison C. Pierce, Jr., MD, the APSF founding president. The Pierce Memorial Lecture on Patient Safety started in 2012. Dr. Pierce passed away in 2011, and the APSF Board of Directors created this eponymous lecture to honor his contributions to anesthesia patient safety.

We list here the previous APSF/ASA Pierce Patient Safety Memorial Lectures


Matthew B. Weinger, M.D.: “Is Safety Becoming the Poor Stepchild of Quality?”
ASA Monitor [PDF]


Jeffrey B. Cooper, Ph.D.: “Respectful, Trusting Relationships Are Essential for Patient Safety, Especially the Surgeon-Anesthesiologist Dyad”
ASA Monitor [PDF]


Robert A. Caplan, M.D.: “Sharpening Our Vision to Do No Harm”
ASA Monitor [PDF]


Robert K. Stoelting, M.D.: “Anesthesia Patient Safety: Closing the Gap Between Perception and Reality”
ASA Monitor [PDF]


Alexander A. Hannenberg, M.D.: “Safety Beyond Our Borders: Different But the Same”
ASA Monitor [PDF]


Mark A. Warner, M.D.: “Expanding Our Influence: How the Perioperative Surgical Home Will Improve Patient Safety”
ASA Monitor [PDF]


David M. Gaba, M.D.: “Competence and Teamwork Are Not Enough: The Value of Cognitive Aids”
ASA Monitor [PDF]


Alan F. Merry, MB. ChB.: “Toward Patient Safety in Anesthesia – Let the Journey Continue”
ASA Monitor [PDF]


Donald M. Berwick, M.D.: “How Anesthesiologists Can Continue to Lead in Patient Safety”
ASA Monitor [PDF]