June 2017 APSF Newsletter, The Official Journal of the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation


Perioperative Management of the New Anticoagulants: Novel Drugs and Concepts

Robert C. Morell, MD, Immediate Past APSF Newsletter Editor-in-Chief, Reflects on Past Accomplishments

Spotlight on Infection Prevention: Safe Injection Practices

APSF Joins NPSF in National Multidisciplinary Effort to Reduce Preventable Health Care Harm

Q&A: Unintended Discharge of an ICD in a Patient Undergoing Total Knee Replacement

Article Review: Medication Safety: An Important APSF Initiative Revisited

Congratulations to a True Pioneer in Simulation: David M. Gaba, MD

Nitrous Oxide For Labor Analgesia: Is It Safe for Everyone?

A Rational Approach to Lymphedema Risk Reduction Practices

To Err is Human; To Tolerate, Inhumane


Save the Date!


Letters to the Editor:

TAVRs under MAC: Debate Continues!

Anesthesia Safety Concerns for CT-Guided Tumor
Cryoablation and the Risk of the Frozen Instrument

Erroneous Placement of Antimicrobial-Impregnated Central
Venous Catheter in a Patient Susceptible to an Allergic Reaction

The Role of Capnography to Prevent Postoperative Respiratory Events


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—Featured Article—

Perioperative Management of the New Anticoagulants: Novel Drugs and Concepts

The increasing use of the direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) has provided clinicians and patients with alternatives to warfarin for the treatment of venous thromboembolism (VTE), the prevention of cerebrovascular embolic stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation, and thromboprophylaxis in patients undergoing surgery. [more]


Robert C. Morell, MD, Immediate Past APSF Newsletter Editor-in-Chief, Reflects on Past Accomplishments

In October of 2016, Dr. Robert C. Morell bid the APSF farewell as he stepped down as the second editor-in-chief of the APSF Newsletter after 23 years of dedicated service to patient safety and the APSF. Dr. Morell joined the editorial staff of the APSF Newsletter in 1994. [more]


Stoelting Conference Perioperative Handoffs: 
Achieving Consensus on How to Get it Right

September 6, 2017



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