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The Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation is launching our first-ever crowdfunding initiative, defined as raising small amounts of money from a large number of people.

Help support the vision “that no one shall be harmed by anesthesia care.”

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  • $100 Mark Mandabach
  • $15 Gladys Cardenas DO
  • $50 Gina Whitney MD
  • $200 Arpad Zolyomi
  • $100 Robert Shafer MD
  • $15 James Tom DDS, MS
  • $50 Dong C. Park
  • $100 Gregory Pivarunas
  • $200 Sara Moser In honor of Matthew B. Weinger, MD
  • $15 Lynn Plunkett Kwasny In memory of Jean Ann Plunkett
  • $25 Joseph S Bernstein MD
  • $50 Gina Whitney MD
  • $100 Anonymous
  • $100 Gregory K. Unruh
  • $50 Gina Whitney MD
  • $5000 Mrs. Isabel Arnone In memory of Lawrence J. Arnone, MD, FACA
  • $100 Haithm Abdelsalam
  • $50 Clark Venable, MD In memory of Rod Calverley, MD
  • $50 Kimberly Balogh, MD
  • $15 John Hagopian, MD

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