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A Blast From the Past!

Selected Articles in the APSF Newsletter Archives

March 1986
Closed Claims Study Seeks Data
Robert J. Ward, MD

March 1986
Is There Minimal Essential Monitoring??
I.S. Gravenstein, MD

March 1987
Outpatient Anesthesia: No Double Standard
Bernard V. Wetchler, MD

March 1989
FDA Applauds APSF Efforts
Joseph S. Arcarese and Peter B. Carstensen

Spring 1991
ASA Standards Amended: CO2 Seen After Intubation Now the ‘Standard of Care’
John H. Eichhorn, MD

Fall 1995
Simulator Training in Anesthesia Growing Rapidly
David Gaba, MD

Spring 1998
Lancet Article Addresses a Different Type of Safety Question: Elderly Suffer Prolonged Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction
J.S. Gravenstein, MD

Winter 2000
Landmark Report Published on Patient Safety
David Gaba, MD, and Jeffrey Cooper, PhD

Winter 2001
APSF Endorses Use of Automated Record Keepers

Winter 2003
Virtual Anesthesia Machine Has Worldwide Impact
Sem Lamptang, PhD

Winter 2003
Cannister Fires Become a Hot Safety Concern
Michael A. Olympio, MD and Robert C. Morell, MD

Spring 2004
Dear Safety Information Response System (SIRS) Debut Column
Michael A. Olympio, MD

Summer 2007
Beach Chair Position May Decrease Cerebral Perfusion
David J.Cullen, MD & Robert R Kirby, MD

Summer 2007
Cardiology Experts Share Perspective on Stents
Lisa Newsome, MD, Roger Royster, MD, and Richard Prielipp, MD

Winter 2007
Dangers of Postoperative Opioids
Matthew B. Weinger, MD

Spring 2008
Lipid Emulsion: The Time Has Come for Treating Systemic Local Anesthetic Toxicity (Letter to the Editor)
Guy L. Weinberg, MD, David Mayer, MD

Spring 2010
APSF Hosts Medication Safety Conference