The APSF Legacy Society: A Remarkable Opportunity to Support a Noble Cause

Mark A. Warner, MD

Like many of you who are involved in your communities, I have served on a number of foundation boards locally, nationally, and within the specialty of anesthesiology. One of the most important roles for board members of these foundations is to ensure that the organizations have the resources needed to accomplish their vision and missions. For APSF, these are:

Vision: That no one shall be harmed by anesthesia care.

Mission: The APSF’s mission is to improve the safety of patients during anesthesia care by:

  • Identifying safety initiatives and creating recommendations to implement directly and with partner organizations
  • Being a leading voice for anesthesia patient safety worldwide
  • Supporting and advancing anesthesia patient safety culture, knowledge, and learning

What is more important in our clinical practices than ensuring that our patients are safe during their intraoperative and postoperative care?

Few foundations succeed long-term without sustained financial resources. For a lucky few, a consistent source of annual funding is available. For most, however, legacy funding (e.g., endowments) provides sustained support over the years and contributes to the success of the foundations in meeting their vision and mission.

For this reason, the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation Legacy Society was established in 2019. The society honors those who make a gift to the foundation through their estates, wills, or trusts. Legacy Society members help safeguard the future of patient safety by ensuring that the foundation’s safety research and education programs and campaigns, as well as a national and international exchange of information and ideas, will continue on behalf of the profession about which we are so deeply passionate.

The APSF Legacy Society currently has 17 members. Their perspectives on the importance of supporting anesthesia patient safety initiatives can be viewed at

APSF Legacy Society

The APSF would love to have you become a Legacy Society Member. Legacy Society members are partners in the future of anesthesiology. To become an APSF Legacy Society member, simply contact me and express your interest in learning more about the society. I’d love to discuss the opportunity with you. You may reach me at [email protected].

Sara Moser, the APSF’s Director of Development and I will work with you to complete a very simple Legacy Society membership form. You do not need to provide documentation of the gift type or amount. There is no minimum gift amount. Our current pledged gifts range from 5 to 7 figures in value. We only need to know that you plan on including APSF in your estate planning. Members of the Legacy Society will be noted on our website and in each issue of our APSF Newsletter.

Please consider becoming a member of the APSF Legacy Society. The vision and mission of APSF are noble causes.


Mark A. Warner, MD
Past President, APSF

The author has no conflicts of interest.