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Flammable Surgical Preps Require Vigilance


The “fire triangle,” or “fire triad,” is taught throughout general fire safety education and is used as a point of emphasis for surgical fire prevention. Fire is the result of the combination of a fuel source, an oxidizing substance, and heat. In the operating room, alcohol-based preps and draping materials are the most common sources of fuel. Alcohol-based surgical prep solutions are excellent antiseptic agents but are also extremely flammable. In most operating rooms, the prepping and draping of the surgical patient is a role of the operating room nurse. Anesthesia providers use these same prep solutions for central line preparation and for regional anesthesia procedures. As surgical team members, our role should include increased vigilance whenever an alcohol-based prep solution is used in the operating room (OR). ... [more]

Medicolegal Data Implicate Oxygen as Common Factor in
OR Fires

Many concerns for patient safety prompt anesthesia professionals to increase the FiO2 level above 30% during surgery. These concerns include adequate oxygenation and prevention of anoxic end organ injuries, increased duration for rescue from an event that decreases oxygenation, and possible prevention of surgical site infections in certain procedures. Most anesthesia providers generally consider oxygen to be strictly beneficial without toxicity except in specific situations such as neonates and post-bleomycin treatment. An increasing number of reports in both the medical literature and the lay press regarding on-patient surgical fires associated with delivery of oxygen...[more]


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Competence and Teamwork Are Not Enough:
The Value of Cognitive Aids

David M. Gaba, MD

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