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The Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation Newsletter is the official publication of the nonprofit Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation and is published three times per year in Wilmington, Delaware. Individual subscription–$100, Cor­por­ate–$500. Contri­butions to the Foundation are tax deduct­ible. Copy­right, Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation, 2018.

The opinions expressed in this Newsletter are not necessarily those of the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation. The APSF neither writes nor promulgates standards, and the opinions expressed herein should not be construed to constitute practice standards or practice parameters. Validity of opinions presented, drug dosages, accuracy, and completeness of content are not guaranteed by the APSF.

APSF Executive Committee 2018:

Mark A. Warner, MD, President, Rochester, MN; Daniel J. Cole, MD, APSF Vice President, Los Angeles, CA; Matthew B. Weinger, MD, Secretary, Nashville, TN; Douglas A. Bartlett, APSF Treasurer, Boulder, CO; Maria van Pelt, CRNA, PhD, Director At-Large, Boston, MA.

APSF Newsletter Editorial Board 2018:

Steven B. Greenberg, MD, Editor-in-Chief, Chicago, IL; Edward A. Bittner, MD, PhD, Associate Editor, Boston, MA; Jennifer M. Banayan, MD, Assistant Editor, Chicago, IL; Meghan Lane-Fall, MD, Assistant Editor, Philadelphia, PA; Joan M. Christie, MD, St. Petersberg, FL; Jan Ehrenwerth, MD, New Haven, CT; John H. Eichhorn, MD, San Jose, CA; Nikolaus Gravenstein, MD, Gainesville, FL; Joshua Lea, CRNA, Boston, MA; Bommy Hong Mershon, MD, Baltimore, MD; Tricia A. Meyer, PharmD, Temple, TX; Glenn S. Murphy, MD, Chicago, IL; Brian Thomas, JD, Kansas City, MO; Jeffrey S. Vender, MD, Winnetka, IL; Wilson Somerville, PhD, Editorial Assistant, Winston-Salem, NC. Japanese Editorial Board Members: Hiroki Iida, MD, PhD, Gifu, Japan; Katsuyuki Miyasaka, MD, PhD, Tokyo, Japan; Tomohiro Sawa, MD, PhD, Tokyo, Japan.

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Stacey Maxwell, Administrator
Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation
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Address Newsletter editorial comments, questions, letters, and suggestions to:

Steven B. Greenberg, MD
Editor-in-Chief, APSF Newsletter
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Edward A. Bittner, MD, PhD
Associate Editor, APSF Newsletter
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Jennifer M. Banayan, MD
Assistant Editor, APSF Newsletter
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Meghan Lane-Fall, MD
Assistant Editor, APSF Newsletter
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