Circulation 84,122 • Volume 24, No. 1 • Spring 2009   Issue PDF

Reader Notes Uncommonly Large Dose of Glycopyrrolate

Michael D. Russell, MD, PhD

To the Editor

Regarding the previous letter to the editor by Dr. Li in the Winter 2008-2009 issue of this Newsletter, glycopyrrolate and dexamethasone come in vials with concentrations of 0.4 mg/ml and 4 mg/ml, respectively, for a good reason. Typical doses of glycopyrrolate and dexamethasone are 0.01 mg/kg and 0.1 mg/kg respectively. A 15-kg girl would more commonly be given dexamethasone 1.5-2 mg IV; 20 mg is excessive and not commonly given in that dose.

Michael D. Russell, MD, PhD
Tacoma, WA