Circulation 36,825 • Volume 18, No. 4 • Winter 2003   Issue PDF

Alpha-2 Agonists May Also Impact Outcome

Luc Quintin, MD, PhD; Marco Ghignone, MD, FRCPC

To the Editor

Meiler et al. are to be commended for reviewing the effect of beta-blockers, statins, and “depth” of anesthesia on long-term morbidity following surgery.1 In addition to these interventions, following the introduction of alpha-2 agonists in human anesthesia,2 several large-scale trials or meta-analyses suggested that alpha-2 agonists decrease myocardial ischemia/infarction or mortality following cardiovascular surgery.3-5 A recent editorial6 stated that the “53% reduction in overall mortality [is] actually. . . more impressive than what has been found in the pooled beta-blocker studies.” Given the simplicity of oral administration of clonidine 2-6 µg/kg, clinicians should consider this intervention, with appropriate reduction in anesthetic doses and volume loading in coronary/ hypertensive patients presenting for major cardiovascular surgery.2 The above-mentioned editorial added that investigators should add alpha-2 agonists to the array of drugs under trial to further reduce mortality following surgery.6

Luc Quintin, MD, PhD
Lyon, France
Marco Ghignone, MD, FRCPC
West Palm Beach, FL


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