Circulation 36,825 • Volume 18, No. 4 • Winter 2003   Issue PDF

3-D Fiberoptic Model Wins Best Scientific Exhibit Award

Dr. Pierre A. Diemunsch and his group from Strasbourg, France, demonstrated an innovative, 3-dimensional, virtual teaching tool for fiberoptic intubation. This program uses actual digital computerized tomography data to provide a virtual reconstruction of the airway. Overlays can be added or deleted to show radiographic views, surface views, or internal views simultaneously displayed with the fiberoptic vantage point. The images can also be rotated in all planes. In addition to serving as an excellent teaching tool, this computerized model can rapidly accommodate digitized data from actual patients and allow the anesthesia team to practice a virtual fiberoptic intubation, prior to performing the procedure on the patient. A team of judges from the APSF Committee on Education and Training awarded Dr. Diemunsch and his team the Ellison C. Pierce, Jr., MD, Award for the Best Scientific Exhibit at the 2003 ASA, held this past October in San Francisco. Congratulations to this group for an exciting addition to patient safety.

Dr. Pierce presents Dr. Diemunsch and colleagues with the E.C. Pierce, Jr., MD, Scientific Exhibit Award at the 2003 ASA.