Circulation 107,515 • Volume 27, No. 2 • Fall 2012   Issue PDF

Swab All Vials With Alcohol

James J. Lamberg, DO; Lisa J. Yoo, DO, MS

To the Editor

The recent Letter to the Editor titled “Reader Raises Two Propofol Concerns” suggests that providers routinely swab propofol and Diprivan® vials prior to administration. A table was provided comparing manufacturer recommendations for alcohol disinfection of the vial stopper prior to drawing the medication. There have been several articles on this topic, with some defining the practice as unnecessary,1,2 and others reporting contamination risks.3

However, the American Society of Anesthesiologists recommends that an alcohol swab be used for vial rubber septums as well as for the outside of glass ampules.4 The Center for Disease Control also recommends that all rubber septums be disinfected with alcohol prior to drawing medication.5,6 Thus for patient safety, we believe that providers should routinely swab all rubber septums on medication vials as well as the outside of non-sterile glass ampules prior to accessing them.

James J. Lamberg, DO
Lisa J. Yoo, DO, MS
Hershey, PA


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