Volume 9, No. 4 • Winter 1994

Dr. Euliano Named 1995 APSF Young Investigator

Tammy Yachabach Euliano

Dr. Tammy Yachabach Euliano

Dr. Tammy Yachabach Euhano has been named the 1995 APSF Young Investigator. Dr. Euhano will extend the physiologic models of the Gainesville Anesthesia Simulator to accurately reflect the obstetric patient and will then develop scenarios to be used in conjunction with simulation-based training. Her work will include the development of a structured, simulator-based learning curriculum for obstetrical anesthesia, and she will evaluate the learning effectiveness of the curriculum by comparing it to a traditional approach. Her investigative project will examine four specific hypotheses about how physician understanding, rate of acquisition of knowledge, and ability to diagnose and treat specific complications will differ between simulator and traditional curricula. She will also attempt to determine if there are differences in either comfort or confidence levels of residents who are trained using simulator-based curricula versus traditional curricula.

Dr. Euliano received her M.D. degree from the University of Florida College of Medicine and completed her internship and then residency in anesthesia there. She will be working under the guidance of Dr. Michael Good, Associate Professor of Anesthesiology, with whom she has already been collaboration on various aspects of enhancing anesthesia training via innovative technologies. The results of Dr. Euliano’s work will add obstetric skills to simulator-based training and development curricula.