Circulation 36,825 • Volume 17, No. 1 • Spring 2002

Chamoun and Schapiro Join Executive Committee

Nassib G. Chamoun George A. Schapiro


Nassib G. Chamoun and George A. Schapiro have recently been appointed to the APSF Executive Committee. Mr. Chamoun is a founder and President of Aspect Medical Systems. Mr. Schapiro is a management consultant to high-tech companies, both large and small, most of which concentrate in medical devices. Both Mr. Chamoun and Mr. Schapiro are members of the APSF Board of Directors and have been strong supporters and advocates of the APSF. Their expertise and experience will be a valuable resource.

Ms. Lori Cross, a current member of the Executive Committee, will assume the role of APSF Vice President upon the retirement of Mr. Burton Dole from that position (see "Dole Retires," page 15). Ms. Cross is President of the Anesthesia, Drug Delivery and Ventilation Business Area of Datex-Ohmeda. The APSF is extremely fortunate to have these energetic, dedicated, and very busy individuals contribute their time and efforts towards improved patient safety.