Volume 10, No. 2 • Summer 1995

APSF Corporate Donors

Grand Patrons

American Society of Anesthesiologists

Burroughs Wellcome Co.

Cerenex, a Division of Glaxo, Inc.

The Dryden Fund Ohmeda, Inc.

Preferred Physicians Mutual Risk Retention Group

Puritan-Bennett Corporation

Zeneca Pharmaceuticals Group (ICI)


Abbott Laboratories Nellcor, Inc.

Organon, Inc.

Sustaining Members

Baxter Healthcare Corporation

Becton Dickinson Critikon

Datex Medical instrumentation, Inc.

Hewlett Packard Company

Mallinckrodt Medical, Inc.

Marquette Electronics, Inc.

Medical Inter-insurance Exchange

North American Drager

Sponsoring Members

J. Jeffrey Andrews, M.D.

Anesthesiologists’ Professional Assurance Co.

Arkive Information Systems, Inc.

Aspect Medical Systems

Augustine Medical, Inc.

Beth Israel (MA) Anesthesia Foundation

Biennial Western Conference of Anesthesiology

CAE Link Corporation

Datascope Corporation

Grace Container Products

Janssen Pharmaceutica

King Systems Corporation Loral, Inc.

Medical Gas Management, Inc.

Miles, Inc., Pharmaceuticals

Minneapolis Anesthesia Associates

Pain Net, Inc.

Southeast Anesthesia Associates, P.A.

Texas Medical Liability Trust

University of Texas Medical Center

Wisconsin Society of Anesthesiologists

Corporate Level Members

Anesoft, Inc.

Arizona Society of Anesthesiologists

Arrow International

Boeringer Laboratories, Inc.

Frederick W. Cheney, M.D.

Independence Anesthesia

Iowa Society of Anesthesiologists

Mississippi Society of Anesthesiologists

Pall Biomedical Products Company

Pennsylvania Medical Society Liability Ins. Co.

Texas Society of Anesthesiologists

Contributions to APSF received before June 15,1995, will be acknowledged in the next four issues, beginning with Summer 1995. Contributions received after that date will be acknowledged in the four issues beginning with the Fall 1995 Newsletter.