Volume 10, No. 2 • Summer 1995

APSF Committee Update

As follow-up to the usual year-end publication of the officers, directors, and committee members of the APSF, for clarity, the correct list of members of the Committee of Technology is:

Joseph W. Pepper, Ph.D., Chairman BOC Health Care, Inc.

Vincent Buffano Baxter Healthcare Corp.

Peter Cartensen FDA

Patrick A. Foster, M.D. Hershey Medical Center

Julian Goldman, M.D. Denver, CO

Ervin Moss, M.D. Verona, NJ

Helmut Thiemann North American Drager, Inc.

Also, the name of Frederick A. Robertson, M.D., Marquette Electronics, should be added to the Committee on Scientific Evaluation.

Finally, it should be noted that APSF Director Frederick W. Cheney, M.D., is from the University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle.