Volume 7, No. 4 • Winter 1992

Young Investigators Award Extended to CA-4 Year

E. S. Siker, M.D.

Expansion of the eligibility for APSF sponsored safety research grants occurred at the Annual Meeting in October.

In August of 1992, the directors of all anesthesiology residency programs received notice of APSFs “Young Investigators Award.’ The grants of $18,000 will be awarded to successful candidates who will pursue the six month “Clinical Scientist Track’ of the CA-3 year in research related to anesthesia safety. An application form accompanied each letter.

In response to numerous queries about the availability of such support during a ‘true fellowship’ or CA-4 year, the issue was discussed at the October meeting of the APSF Board of Directors. At that time, modification of the specifications for the grant was unanimously adopted and they now include six months of research in either the CA-3 or CA-4 year.

E. S. Siker, M.D.

Executive Director

Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation