Circulation 60,475 • Volume 14, No. 1 • Spring 1999

Simulator Success Stories Sought

Having a long history of interest in promoting anesthesia simulators for CME, training, and research and having awarded seminal grant funding for early simulator projects, the APSF seeks reports of instances in which simulator training has directly influenced anesthesia personnel handling a real-life situation.

Any practitioner who has been in a difficult clinical situation and used skills, thinking, patterns of reaction or behavior, or confidence gained from experience with an anesthesia simulator is urged to summarize both the incident and how it was influenced and also his/her impressions of simulator training and forward these to the APSF. “Letters to the Editor” are welcome or, even better, specific case reports. Send letters to the Editor. Send case reports to:

Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation
c/o Mercy Hospital, Ermire 9564
1400 Locust Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
or email: [email protected]