Volume 4, No. 4 • Winter 1989

Previously Funded APSF Grants


Stanford University School of Medicine Veterans Administration Medical Center

Evaluation of Problem Solving Using Realistic Simulations

Marsha Cohen, M.D.

University of Manitoba Canada

Defining Outcomes Associated with Anesthesia: A Pilot Study

Dwayne Westenskow, Ph.D. University of Utah

A Safer Anesthesia Machine Through Model-Based Alarm

Lance Lichtor, M.D.

University of Chicago

The Risk of Surgery and Anesthesia: A Retrospective Analysis


Howard Schwid, M.D.

University of Washington

The Anesthesia Simulator-Recorder: A Device to Quantify Anesthesiologists’ Responses to Critical Incidents

Eugene Betts, M.D.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Evaluation of the Incidence of Oxygen Desaturation, laryngospasm and Bronchospasm in Children with Upper Respiratory Tract Infections Undergoing Anesthesia.

Deborah Kitz, Ph.D.

University of Pennsylvania

The Incidence and Magnitude of Intra-operative Physiologic Changes. A Foundation for Developing Artificial Intelligence Tools


Randall Carpenter, M.D. Virginia Mason Medical Center

Identification of Patients at Risk for Developing Adverse Effects During Spinal Anesthesia

Michael Good, M.D. University of Florida

Can Simulation Teach Clinical Skills?

David Gaba, M.D. Stanford University

A Model Course in Handling intra-operative Critical Incidents: Training and Practice to Prevent Anesthesia Mishaps

Charles Cote, M.D. Massachusetts General Hospital

A Prospective Evaluation of Combined Pulse Oximetry and Expired Carbon Dioxide Monitoring in Anesthetizing Pediatric Patients