Volume 4, No. 4 • Winter 1989

Care Team Concept Evokes Positive Comments

Nom Bloomquist, CRNA

To the Editor

Dr. Benjamin H. Gorsky has taken exception to the aviation anesthesia analog and his objection may be correct. However, the central issue is not the appropriate analogy but rather an open forum for our common problem. There are solo-CRNAs and solo anesthesiologists, but, it is my understanding that the CRNA-anesthesiologist team is the most frequently seen professional relationship. Large numbers of these intelligent people continue to voluntarily form this professional structure. This implies that they are meeting their practice and economic needs or some other form of association would replace it. I do not observe any change at this time. I feel that all of us in anesthesia have common ground and common problems deserving of our attention and energies, for example, patient safety and also outside intervention in our practice. nom Bloomquist, CRNA

Clinton, IN