Circulation 81,489 • Volume 22, No. 3 • Fall 2007   Issue PDF

COT Selects Paulsen and Reilly for New Leadership Positions

Dr. Michael Olympio, chair of the Committee on Technology (COT) is pleased to announce the selection of Dr. William A. Paulsen, MMSc, PhD, CCE, AAC, as the first Vice Chairman of COT. Dr. Paulsen has served COT for a number of years, most recently and actively within the Q&A column and the Technology Training Initiative. Bill is professor and chair of the Department of Anesthesia Sciences at South University in Savannah, GA, and brings quite extensive technical and leadership skill to this position. Dr. Paulsen will assume direct management of COT’s Q&A Column within the APSF Newsletter, and will develop and coordinate the technology safety initiatives of individual COT members. We are equally pleased to announce the selection of Patricia Mullen Reilly, CRNA, BSN, as the first COT Strategic Relations Director. Ms. Reilly has extensive experience on the COT, most recently and actively within the Technology Training Initiative. She brings a wealth of clinical, managerial, and interpersonal experience to this position and will help COT reach out to its membership to improve communications, recruitment, and developmental strategies. Welcome to Dr. Paulson and Ms. Reilly.