Circulation 81,489 • Volume 22, No. 3 • Fall 2007   Issue PDF


Michael Olympio, MD; Robert C. Morell, MD
Michael Olympio

Michael Olympio, MD, Chair of the APSF Committee on Technology and Co-Founder of the Dear SIRS Initiative.

As our description of the Dear SIRS column states, “The purpose of this column is to allow expeditious communication of technology-related safety concerns . . . with input and responses from manufacturers and industry representatives.” What the description does not state, however, is how complicated it can be for Dear SIRS to bring clinician and industry together to formulate not only meaningful dialogue, but to effect some type of change that improves patient safety. Although we are working on several new Dear SIRS issues, they simply are not optimal for current publication. We look forward to presenting helpful information whenever it is available. Stay tuned!

Drs. Olympio and Morell