Volume 2, No. 4 • Winter 1987

ASPAN Produces Educational Video Tapes

The American Society of Post Anesthesia Nurses has produced a series of educational video tapes specific for the professional who provides care to the post anesthesia patient.

The tapes, available for sale in VHS or Beta format, present a thorough overview of the specialty of post anesthesia nursing. Comprehensive in their scope, they may be used for orientation, continuing education, inservice education and review for post anesthesia nursing certification.

The entire set, which is divided in four series, represents 28 separate presentations. The four series include the following:

(1) PACU Nursing-An Overview and Anesthetic Agents (including nursing process in the PACU, psychosocial-physiological implications, legal and ethical issues and anesthetic agents).

(2) PACU Respiratory Care (includes anatomy and physiology of respiratory system, airway management and pathology).

(3) PACU Assessment & Intervention (includes fluid and electrolytes, renal and urological, ABG interpretation, hematology, endocrine system and pain management).

(4) Review Of Systems (includes gastrointestinal, ear, nose and throat, neurological and cardiovascular care).

The tapes may be purchased individually, in a series, or by the entire set (28 tapes).

For further information contact, A.S.P.A.N., P.O. Box 11083, Richmond, VA 23230, (804) 359-3557.