Circulation 75,648 • Volume 20, No. 2 • Summer 2005   Issue PDF

Anesthesia Technicians Are Professionals Too

Daniel A. Clark, Cert. A.T.

To the Editor

I would like to clarify for the readers of this publication who may have been offended by the comment made in response to an article in the Winter 2004-2005 issue of your newsletter, “Reader Calls for Professionalism.” I quote, “I would like to think that we are all professionals and not just technicians.” The definition of a technician is: a) of, relating to, or characteristic of a profession; b) engaged in one of the learned professions; c) characterized by or conforming to the technical or ethical standards of a profession.

Why would a reader feel the need to respond to the comment about “being a professional and not just a technician”? The APSF Newsletter is read by many anesthesia technicians who wish to enhance their knowledge in their profession of anesthesia. The need for anesthesia technicians in the field of anesthesia has grown tremendously, and as it continues to grow, the skills must continue to improve in order to provide the safest environment for the providers and the patients who rely on the professionals in the field of anesthesia. “Just a technician” implies that technicians are not a valuable asset to the anesthesia team. This was clearly not the intent of the writer. I would like to think that the reason for reading this publication is to further our knowledge in our profession, thereby eliminating the possibility of repetitive, career-ending mistakes, and gaining the knowledge needed to give patients the best and safest care possible while their lives are in our hands.

I will continue to increase my knowledge as an anesthesia technician by reading this publication and any other publication that may benefit my profession. After all, this is what a technician must do: to be a professional!

Daniel A. Clark, Cert. A.T.
Jacksonville, FL

Editor’s Note:
We would like to apologize for any negative connotation to Mr. Clark and to the many professional anesthesia technicians who contribute their important skills and effort to patient care.