Circulation 75,648 • Volume 20, No. 2 • Summer 2005   Issue PDF

Boston University Video Honors: Dr. Leroy Vandam

Dr. Leroy Vandam (1914-2004) was a great anesthesiologist, teacher, scientist, author, and artist. His career began in surgery and, under the leadership of Dr. Robert Dripps, became focused on anesthesiology. During his tenure at the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital (now known as Brigham and Women’s), Dr. Vandam served as a mentor to Dr. Ellison C. (Jeep) Pierce, who became the founder of the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation. In fact, Dr. Vandam assigned Dr. Pierce the topic of “Anesthesia Accidents” to be given as a resident’s lecture. Under the directorship of Dr. Rafael Ortega, Boston University Medical Center’s Department of Anesthesiology, in conjunction with Anesthesia Associates of Massachuseetts, has honored Dr. Vandam’s memory with a wonderful DVD entitled Leroy D. Vandam, MD: An Anesthesia Journey. This production illustrates numerous fascinating and historical aspects of Dr. Vandam’s career, in the context of the evolution of anesthesia equipment. Safety ramifications of anesthesia equipment are obvious throughout this production. Dr. Vandam’s own words and accounts of his experiences are a living history, and highlight his contributions throughout his incredible career. Copies of the DVD can be obtained by contacting the Anesthesia Department at Boston University Medical Center.