Patient Safety Presentation

Intravenous Medication Administration: Potential for Harm

David T. Jamison

Presented September 5th, 2018 at APSF Stoelting Conference 2018


  1. ECRI Institute continues to learn about and investigate incidents of infusion errors – many leading to significant injuries or death
  2. ECRI Institute’s IV pump experts advise the following:
    1. Know what you are administering
    2. SW controls and Smart Pumps – use them more
    3. Always use simple physical actions as adjunct (Roller Clamp, Observe Drip Chamber)

Must do basics even as moving toward Smart Pumps


Intravenous Medication Administration Potential for Harm – [PDF]


David T. Jamison

David T. Jamison

David T. Jamison is Executive Director the Health Devices group at ECRI Institute in Plymouth Meeting, PA. Dave is responsible for leading the Engineers and Scientists that test and compare medical devices in ECRI Institute’s laboratories as well as leading investigations into medical technology problems reported to ECRI Institute.

Prior to joining ECRI Institute, Dave led new product development programs for 25+ years at several medical device companies in the areas of: Anesthesia machines, ICU Ventilators, Physiologic Monitors, Surgical Laparoscopy Systems, NICU and Clinical Lab. He is a frequent speaker at AAMI Conferences and has served for several years on the APSF Committee on Technology.