Episode #104 Continuing the Conversation on Sustainable Healthcare

June 28, 2022

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Welcome to the next installment of the Anesthesia Patient Safety podcast hosted by Alli Bechtel.  This podcast will be an exciting journey towards improved anesthesia patient safety.

We are back for Part 3 of our series on sustainable health care as the next anesthesia patient safety movement. Join us for the exciting conclusion of our conversation with Matthew Meyer and Jonathan McBride, authors of the APSF article, “Sustainable Health Care Must Be the Next Patient Safety Movement.” You can find this Letter to the Editor in the June 2022 APSF Newsletter.

Figure 2: Opportunities to reduce the impact of anesthesia care on the global environment.

Figure 2: Opportunities to reduce the impact of anesthesia care on the global environment.

Meyer discusses the recent publication by McGain from Anesthesiology that evaluated the carbon footprint of general, regional, and combined anesthesia for total knee replacements. The message here is that there is an opportunity for individuals to make a big difference. Here is the citation.

Forbes McGain, Nicole Sheridan, Kasun Wickramarachchi, Simon Yates, Brandon Chan, Scott McAlister; Carbon Footprint of General, Regional, and Combined Anesthesia for Total Knee Replacements. Anesthesiology 2021; 135:976–991

We also talk about the GAIA Program at the University of Michigan. Check out this article for more information. https://medicine.umich.edu/dept/anesthesiology/news/archive/202204/department-anesthesiology-launches-initiative-minimize-field%E2%80%99s-impact-climate-change

Here is a list of the articles and resources that we talk about during the interview:

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Hello and welcome back to the Anesthesia Patient Safety Podcast.  My name is Alli Bechtel, and I am your host. Thank you for joining us for another show. For the past two weeks, we have been talking about the next patient safety movement, sustainable health care, with Matthew Meyer and Jonathan McBride. I hope that you have had a chance to check out their Letter to the Editor in the June 2022 APSF Newsletter and listen to episodes 102 and 103.

Before we dive into today’s episode, we’d like to recognize GE Healthcare, a major corporate supporter of APSF. GE Healthcare has generously provided unrestricted support to further our vision that “no one shall be harmed by anesthesia care”. Thank you, GE Healthcare – we wouldn’t be able to do all that we do without you!”

Today, we are back with the exciting Part 3 of my conversation with the authors, Jonathon McBride and Matthew Meyer, of the Letter to the Editor called, “Sustainable Health Care Must Be the Next Patient Safety Movement.” To follow along with us, head over to APSF.org and click on the Newsletter Heading. First one down is the current issue. Then, scroll down until you get to the Letters to the Editor section and click on our featured article today. I will include a link in the show notes as well.

We are jumping right back into my conversation with Meyer and McBride, so let’s get to it!

[Interview with Bechtel, Meyer, and McBride.]

We hope you enjoyed our 3-part interview series on Sustainable Healthcare. Thank you so much to Meyer and McBride for joining us on the show for this interview and sharing their knowledge, passion, and resources in this area. We are looking forward to hearing more about sustainable healthcare in the future. If there is something that you are doing as part of your anesthesia practice to move towards a more sustainable health care system, we want to know about it. So, tag us on Twitter using the #APSF podcast and go ahead and tag any of your colleagues that are working to make a difference too.

If you have any questions or comments from today’s show, please email us at [email protected]. Please keep in mind that the information in this show is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical or legal advice. We hope that you will visit APSF.org for detailed information and check out the show notes for links to all the topics we discussed today.

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Until next time, stay vigilant so that no one shall be harmed by anesthesia care.

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