Volume 12, No. 2 • Summer 1997

“Sedation & Analgesia” Poster Gets Second Printing

Demand for the APSF-sponsored brochure and poster on the safe use of sedation and analgesia, primarily intended as a guide for nonanesthesiologists, has exceeded the available supply and the anticipated demand. As of last month, Roche Laboratories, the sponsor of this project with APSF, authorized a second printing of the material.

The unprecedented demand for this helpful, easy-to-read publication suggests that the brochure and poster set provided a practical way to meet JCAHO requirements for anesthesiologists to be involved with establishing policies and, in some cases, to accept responsibility for the delineation of privileges in the use of sedative and narcotic agents. Such simple direct material to help in accomplishing these tasks had not previously been available. The combination of the poster and brochure, with the soon-to-be-released ASA safety video on the same topic, provides a comprehensive educational program. The production of a slide show using the same material is also being undertaken. In addition, the material is available on the APSF Internet web site.

A set containing the poster and brochure was mailed to every member of ASA as well as to many endoscopists likely to employ IV sedation in their practices. Additional copies which had been ordered should soon be available.