Volume 4, No. 2 • Summer 1989

Retirees as ‘Assistants’?

Robert A. Beanan, M.D.

To the Editor

“Anesthesia Assistants: A Timely Idea for Safety” in the September issue particularly interested me.

I am 74 years old and have been retired for four years. I would still like to be part of a safety team conducting clinical anesthesia. It is a “Catch-2 2 “. I cannot afford the malpractice insurance. However, as a hospital-employed assistant, I could be of considerable assistance with over 35 years of clinical anesthesia experience.

There are quite a few “grey panthers” ready and willing to contribute in the cockpit of anesthesia to help pilot patients through safe take-offs and landings.

Many of us are not that well off financially, existing on retirement income today. The position of “Anesthesia Assistant” could be very rewarding to all involved. Modem day anesthesia is far too complicated to be left to just one individual at the head of the table

I would be anxious to know what the APSF and your readers think of reactivating some of us ready and willing retirees.

Robert A. Beanan, M.D. Far Rockaway, NY