Volume 10, No. 1 • Spring 1995

Reading in OR Condemned but (?) Common

Franklin B. McKechnie, M.D.

To the Editor

Having taught and practiced anesthesiology for over 40 years, I agree completely with Col. Carl Bostek regarding reading during a case.

Such a cavalier attitude as that to which he refers, such a breaking of the contract of care between anesthesiologist and patient, such a denigration of the profession of anesthesiology has led in large part to the anesthesiologist being considered as a second-class physician and anesthesiology as a ‘minor specialty.’

All the warning bells and whistles in the world cannot replace the moment-by-moment care and observation than an anesthesiologist has promised to the patient. Dr. Beecher’s ‘educated hand’ should still be alive and well.

I consider it shameful that the right or wrong of any such distraction from anesthesia duty should still be a question.

Franklin B. McKechnie, M.D. Winter Park, FL

[Past President, American Society of Anesthesiologists]