Volume 10, No. 1 • Spring 1995

Newsletter Editorial Policy Adopted

The following is an editorial policy adopted by the APSF Board of Directors at its October 1994 meeting, as proposed by the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation Newsletter Editor, John H. Eichhorn, M.D.

At its meeting in October, the Executive Committee of the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation considered issues regarding the publication of articles in the APSF Newsletter which contain original research data not yet subjected to peer review. The Executive Committee makes the following statement:

Editorial decisions about the publication of submitted materials in the APSF Newsletter rest with the Editor, in consultation with the Newsletter Editorial Board.

The presence of original research data in an article submitted to the Newsletter does NOT in and of itself prevent that manuscript from being published in whole or in part in the APSF Newsletter. The decision on whether to publish any manuscript is based on content, quality of the writing, timeliness, and apparent interest to the readers of the Newsletter.

Articles containing original research data should be clearly identified as such in the Newsletter. For these articles (as well as others at the discretion of the Editor), there should be a special explanatory note reminding the reader that the material represents the statements of the named author(s) and that the article has NOT undergone peer review of its scientific content. Furthermore, the reader again should be reminded that the article does not necessarily represent the opinion of the Editor, the Editorial Board, or of the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation officers, directors, or members.

Recipients of the Newsletter are enthusiastically encouraged to submit letters or articles critiquing or affirming authors’ statements contained in articles published in the Newsletter.