Circulation 60,475 • Volume 13, No. 3 • Fall 1998

Electronic Media To Be Featured at Safety Booth in ASA Exhibits

Multiple electronic sources of current anesthesia patient safety information and resources for the practitioner will be featured at the 1998 ASA/APSF Patient Safety Booth in the Technical Exhibits at the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists in Orlando, FL. The exhibit hall is open Sunday, October 18, Noon-5 p.m. and then 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday and Tuesday, the 19th and 20th.

The booth’s theme builds on the popular concept of the value of the “information superhighway” and also parallels the recent emphasis of the foundation on availability of patient safety knowledge, including all back issues of this Newsletter. The centerpiece exhibit will be the expanded ASPF Patient Safety Website. Using one of several computers, visitors to the booth will be able to access the Patient Safety Website via the Internet and will be able to learn about the many new resources and services available at this site.

Another feature of the booth will be the ASA Patient Safety Videotapes. All the videotapes will be available for viewing, and the viewing area has been equipped with individual monitor screens and headphone sets, thereby allowing several different presentations of the viewers’ choice to be shown at the same time.

The Safety Booth will also have a set of Internet terminals that visitors can use to send and receive e-mail messages.

The Patient Safety Booth is a joint project of the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation and the ASA Committee on Patient Safety, Risk Management and Epidemiology. Visitors to the booth will be able to meet with members of both groups to discuss any issues of interest.

Visit the Safety Booth at the ASA Meeting Exhibit