Volume 6, No. 1 • Spring 1991

Data Lack Causes Opposition

Alan W Grogono, M.D.

To the Editor

In response to Dr. Malsch’s letter “O.R. Radio Seen as Threat” (APSF Newsletter 5(3):2 7, Fall 1990), I would like to emphasize and amplify her concerns. I have never tolerated a radio or other source of music in an operating room for precisely the reasons that she so clearly defines. I have supported my colleagues and residents to be equally demanding in having these devices excluded from their place of work. To my surprise there is little support for this obvious safety precaution. Many of my colleagues claim that they like soft background music and believe it assists in maintaining an appropriate atmosphere in the operating room.

Research has been done on the beneficial effects of different types of music in various types of working environment. To my knowledge, however, none has been performed in the operating room I would like to inquire as to whether there is such information available

In the absence of appropriate information I will continue to exclude this source of irritation while others appear to welcome it!

Alan W Grogono, M.D. Chairman and Professor of Anesthesiology Tulane Medical Center, New Orleans