Circulation 60,475 • Volume 14, No. 2 • Summer 1999

CRNA Notes Propofol Dichotomy, Appreciates Newsletter Publicity

Mary R. Locke, CRNA

To the Editor

I was reading your Spring 1999 Newsletter and the article by Dr. John H. Tinker, M.D., entitled: “Sulfite Allergic Anesthesia Chair Questions ‘New’ Propofol Brand” when I also received my June, 1999, AANA Journal with two full-page advertisements for this same drug being sold by Baxter Pharmaceutical Co.

Since the APSF is an offshoot of the AANA, it seems like this could be a conflict of interest, in which your organization warns us as anesthesia personnel about the dangers of the new propofol formulation, yet our own AANA Journal accepts money for advertising this controversial drug. Does the right hand know what the left hand is doing?

Personally, in holding the safety of my patients in the utmost care in my 25 year practice experience, I refuse to use any drug which is not safe for my patients. I will not be using this Baxter propofol in my practice. One life is too precious to risk.

I thank the APSF Newsletter for making the anesthesia world aware of this danger. I have had pieces printed in your newsletter before and, like you, I will continue to speak out on behalf of patient safety.

Mary R. Locke, CRNA Dearborn, Michigan