Volume 8, No. 3 • Fall 1993

Cook Named 1993 APSF Young Investigator

Richard L Cook, M.D.

Richard L Cook, M.D.

Richard I. Cook, M.D., a resident in his final year of training in the Department of Anesthesiology, Ohio State University Hospital, is the recipient of the 1993 APSF ‘Young Investigator’s Award.’ Dr. Cook received the award for his proposal, ‘Investigation of Technology and Human Performance Interaction during Anesthesia.’

Dr. Cook began his career as a computer systems designer which led to his work developing computer based monitoring systems for operating room use. A 1986 graduate of the University of Cincinnati School of Medicine, he joined the Cognitive Systems Engineering Laboratory of Ohio State University in 1989 where he participated in research on human performance in anesthesiology.

The grant will support research into the ways in which new technology effects the conduct of anesthesia by skilled practitioners. Its focus is aimed at the impact of technology such as highly integrated monitors and computer based infusion pumps on anesthesia practice. Combining intensive observation and videotaping of anesthesia cases with construction of the reasoning and knowledge structures that drive the observed events, the study will trace the influences of technology on decision making in the operating room. The study is also intended to connect the details of device design with practitioner conduct in order to provide new insights for the evaluation of new designs. And finally, the results may provide information concerning the ways in which anesthesia decision making is constrained by the requirements of ‘real world’ practice and the current state of knowledge in the field.