Volume 3, No. 4 • Winter 1988

Capnography Book Correction

L. Robert Mogue

To the Editor

In the September, 1988 issue of the AIISF Newsletter, Dr. Kupeli reviewed Capnography in Clinical Practice. I take exception to Dr. Kupeli’s statement that this monograph is the “only current text on the subject”. An educational program also entitled Capnography in Clinical Practice (Puritan-Bennett Corporation’s Vita Series) has been commercially available since 1983. The objectives of this program are to:

  • describe the process of end-tidal carbon dioxide measurements (ETC02)
  • demonstrate the physiologic significance of ETE02 determinations
  • Show a number of clinical conditions where EM02 trending by slow speed capnography may be useful
  • Show some clinical conditions where high speed capnography may reveal abnormalities in carbon dioxide elimination in individual exhaled breaths

This material provides information on “capnography and capnometry in addition to providing information concerning production and elimination of C02”.

I note this in the hope that the more aware practitioner’s are of educational material, the more informed they are and the safer their practice becomes. L. Robert Mogue, Marketing Education and Development Manager, Puritan-Bennett Corporation, Overland Park, KS.