Circulation 80,350 • Volume 21, No. 3 • Fall 2006   Issue PDF

Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation Corporate Advisory Council

George A. Schapiro, Chair
Elizabeth Holland, Abbott Laboratories
Sean Lynch, Anesthesia Healthcare Partners
Cliff Rapp, Anesthesiologists Professional Insurance Company
Nassib G. Chamoun, Aspect Medical Systems
William Floyd, Aspect Medical Systems
Raul A. Trillo, MD, Baxter Healthcare
Michael S. Ferrara, Becton Dickinson
Tim Vanderveen, Cardinal Healthcare
Thomas W. Barford, Datascope Corporation
Robert Clark, Dräger Medical, Inc.
Brian Mulnix, Endo Pharmaceuticals
Paul A. Baumgart, GE Healthcare
Tim Hagerty, Hospira

Steven C. Mendell, LMA of North America
Joe Kiana, Masimo
Bert de Jong, MD, Organon
Dominic Corsale, Oridion
Walter Huehn, Philips Medical Systems
Edward C. Mills, Preferred Physicians Medical Risk
Retention Group

Ron Richard, ResMed
Andrew Rose, Smiths Medical
Joseph Davin, Spacelabs
Ann S. Lofsky, MD, The Doctors Company
William T. Denman, MD, Tyco Healthcare
Terry Wall, Vital Signs
Abe Abramovich
Casey D. Blitt, MD
Robert K. Stoelting, MD