Communications Committee

Mark A. Warner, MD
APSF President
Rochester, MN

Stacey Maxwell
APSF Administrative Assistant
Rochester, MN

Arnoley S. Abcejo, MD
APSF Website Director
Rochester, MN

Bonnie Burkert
APSF Newsletter Print Publishing
MEBU Design & Marketing
Wilmington, DE

Mike Edens
APSF Digital Strategy and Web Development
CEO, EdensWorks, Inc.

Steven B . Greenberg, MD
APSF Newsletter, Editor-in-Chief
Chicago, IL

Meghan Lane-Fall, MD
APSF Newsletter, Assistant Editor
Philadelphia, PA

Katie Megan
APSF Digital Strategy and Web Development
Director of Operations, EdensWorks, Inc.

Emily Methangkool, MD, MPH
Social Media Ambassador Program Director
Los Angeles, CA

Sara Moser
APSF Director of Development
Asheville, NC

Celestine Pates
APSF Newsletter Project Manager
Chicago, IL

Amy Pearson, MD
APSF Social Media Manager
Iowa City, IA

George A. Schapiro
APSF Board of Directors Member
Hillsborough, CA

Marjorie P. Stiegler, MD
APSF Director of Social Media and Digital Strategy
Chapel Hill, NC