Patient Safety Presentation

Propofol: Syndrome and Frenzy Examined

Dave Goodale, DDS, PhD

Presented September 5th, 2018 at APSF Stoelting Conference 2018


New “Lipid Sink” Insights into Propofol short duration of action, resistance to induction of anesthesia and safety in patients sensitive to eggs or soy proteins.

Lipid Sink Reference

Resistance to Anesthesia Reference

Contraindications Reference

New views into “Intralipid Vehicle” as an active drug within Propofol

Intralipid Pharmacology Reference

New mitochondrial toxic mechanisms underlying the perplexing PRIS, Propofol Infusion Syndrome.

Anesthetic Considerations in Mitochondrial Diseases Reference


Propofol Syndrome and Frenzy Examined – [PDF]


Dave Goodale, DDS, PhD

Dave Goodale, DDS, PhD

Dr. David B Goodale is executive clinical director at DBG Pharma LLC in West Chester, PA. His expertise includes a PhD in neuropharmacology, DDS degree, 2 year residency in Hospital Anesthesia and 22 years experience in the new specialty of Pharmaceutical Medicine.

His career milestones include a 1980, first author, publication in Science prior to entering anesthesia. He was executive clinical director for the USA leading DIPRIVAN, all local anesthetics & migraine drug, ZOMIG during his 22 year career at AstraZeneca. He achieved 7 FDA approvals for Diprivan in 7 years. He currently serves on the SEC Committee for APSF, is retiring from APSF Board of Directors and serves on Board of Advisors for Presbyterian Historical Society.