Patient Safety Presentation

New Anesthetics Ready for Rapid Development

Dave Goodale, DDS, PhD

Presented September 5th, 2018 at APSF Stoelting Conference 2018


Ultra-rapid esterase-metabolized IV anesthetics allowing faster and safer recovery profiles.

Zero or ultra-low metabolized inhalational anesthetics:  safer & even therapeutic recovery.


New Anesthetics Ready for Rapid Development – [PDF]


Dave Goodale, DDS, PhD

Dave Goodale, DDS, PhD

Dr. David B Goodale is executive clinical director at DBG Pharma LLC in West Chester, PA. His expertise includes a PhD in neuropharmacology, DDS degree, 2 year residency in Hospital Anesthesia and 22 years experience in the new specialty of Pharmaceutical Medicine.

His career milestones include a 1980, first author, publication in Science prior to entering anesthesia. He was executive clinical director for the USA leading DIPRIVAN, all local anesthetics & migraine drug, ZOMIG during his 22 year career at AstraZeneca. He achieved 7 FDA approvals for Diprivan in 7 years. He currently serves on the SEC Committee for APSF, is retiring from APSF Board of Directors and serves on Board of Advisors for Presbyterian Historical Society.