Episode #91 Anesthesia Patient Safety Experts: Interview with Dr. Alan Merry, Part 2

March 29, 2022

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Welcome to the next installment of the Anesthesia Patient Safety podcast hosted by Alli Bechtel.  This podcast will be an exciting journey towards improved anesthesia patient safety.

We are so excited for our first Anesthesia Patient Safety Podcast Interview Show. Joining me on the show today is Dr. Alan Merry. He is joining us from Auckland, New Zealand. Merry is a professor and anaesthetist at Auckland City Hospital. His clinical practice areas include cardiothoracic anaesthesia and chronic pain. He is the former Councilor of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists and the former Chair of the Board of the New Zealand Health Quality and Safety Commission. In addition, he is on the Board of the World Federation of Societies of Anesthesiologists and of Lifebox which is an international charitable initiative to improve patient safety related to surgery and anaesthesia in low-income areas of the world. His publications focus on patient safety, human factors, and simulation. We are talking about all of this and more on the show today.

Here is a link for more information about Dr. Alan Merry: https://unidirectory.auckland.ac.nz/profile/a-merry

We start the show by talking about the role of simulation in anaesthesia practice and then continue with a discussion about Merry’s role as the former Chair of the Board of the New Zealand Health Quality and Safety Commission. We also dive into current topics related to healthcare equality, the impact of the Covid pandemic, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Merry mentioned the contribution of Dr. Paul Baker to simulation and skill-based training.

We also dive into Merry’s role with Lifebox, an international non-profit working towards a goal of safer surgery and anesthesia around the world including the origins of this organization as well as what the future holds. For more information about Lifebox, check out this link: https://www.lifebox.org/

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Hello and welcome back to the Anesthesia Patient Safety Podcast.  My name is Alli Bechtel, and I am your host. Thank you for joining us for another show. We hope that you tuned in last week for our first interview with an anesthesia patient safety expert here on the podcast. We talked with Dr. Alan Merry, a professor and anaesthetist at Auckland City Hospital about practicing anesthesia in New Zealand, medication safety, simulation, and well-mounted surgical safety checklists and migrated leadership. We are back today with more of my conversation with Dr. Merry. So, go ahead and refresh your cup of coffee or tea and get comfortable.

Before we dive into the episode today, we’d like to recognize Masimo, a major corporate supporter of APSF. Masimo has generously provided unrestricted support to further our vision that “no one shall be harmed by anesthesia care”. Thank you, Masimo – we wouldn’t be able to do all that we do without you!”

And now, back to the interview.

[Interview Clips]

Thank you so much to Merry for joining me on the show today. It was such a great conversation. We are looking forward to many more conversations with anesthesia patient safety experts in the future.

If you have any questions or comments from today’s show, please email us at [email protected]. Please keep in mind that the information in this show is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical or legal advice. We hope that you will visit APSF.org for detailed information and check out the show notes for links to all the topics we discussed today.  If you have enjoyed listening to this show, please rate us and leave us a review anywhere you get your podcasts and we hope that you will share the #APSFpodcast with surgeons, nurses, and healthcare professionals who are interested in improving patient safety.

Until next time, stay vigilant so that no one shall be harmed by anesthesia care.