Workplace Violence Survey Announcement: Invitation to our Colleagues

June 14, 2021


In preparation for the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation Annual Stoelting Conference, the APSF is conducting a U.S. survey to assess the incidence and prevalence of workplace violence (both physical and non-physical) experienced in the perioperative environment. Although there is growing information regarding healthcare workplace violence in other domains (e.g., emergency room), there is virtually no data in the perioperative domain.

This survey is unique in that we are simultaneously opening the survey for responses across our entire surgical, anesthesia and nurse perioperative teams.

We invite all physicians, nurse anesthetists, anesthesiologist assistants, operating room and perioperative nurses, surgical and anesthesia technicians, and trainees who work predominantly in perioperative settings in the U.S. to participate in this 4-minute survey. Initially, we are limiting this survey to individuals in the U.S. but hope to expand it to international colleagues and trainees in the future.

Individuals who spend the majority of their time in the perioperative environment are invited to participate.

The aggregate results will be presented at the multi-professional APSF Stoelting Conference in September 2021, “Clinician Safety: To Care is Human.”

Please click this link to begin the survey any time between June 14- July 19th:

▶ Survey of Prevalence and Incidence of Workplace Violence in the Perioperative Environment

Thank you in advance for joining us to better understand workplace violence in the perioperative environment and for participating in this survey.


Mark Warner, M.D. President, APSF