Upcoming APSF Newsletter Articles – October 2018

September 20, 2018

Read preview summaries of upcoming APSF Newsletter articles featured in the October 2018 issue. (Volume 32, No. 2)

Early Warning Systems: ‘Found Dead in Bed’ Should be a Never Event

Bradford D. Winters, MD, PhD, FCCM

Recognizing clinical deterioration in patients outside the intensive care unit may be challenging. Lower nursing to patient ratios, less frequent vital sign assessment, and more ambulatory patient populations on the general wards as compared to the intensive care unit have all been cited as possible challenges to overcome. Dr Bradford Winters examines the evolving role of early warning systems in his article entitled “Early Warning Systems: ‘Found Dead in Bed’ Should be a Never Event”. He also explores the emerging role of wireless technologies for continuous “surveillance” monitoring of ambulatory patients and discusses the potential for these new systems to improve patient safety and outcomes. Read Full Article…

Is a Concussed Brain a Vulnerable Brain? Anesthesia after Concussion

Arnoley S. Abcejo, MD; Jeffrey J. Pasternak, MD

Concussion and its short and long-term cognitive consequences have garnered much publicity over the past decade. Whereas multiple concussions may be associated with long-term cognitive consequences, a single concussion has been shown to cause significant neurophysiologic changes that may persist for weeks. A recent large retrospective study showed that anesthesia is not uncommon and can occur without a formal diagnosis of concussion in place. This article will discuss the perioperative considerations of a possible patient safety risk: the post-concussed brain. Read Full Article…

Anesthesia Professional Burnout-A Clear and Present Danger

Natalie Tarantur, CRNA; Mark Deshur, MD, MBA

Over the past decade, healthcare has seen a significant rise in provider burnout. Many have suggested it is reaching epidemic proportions, and with more than half of anesthesia professionals suffering from its effects, it is clear our specialty is not immune. The article titled “Anesthesia Professional Burnout-A Clear and Present Danger,” in the upcoming October 2018 issue of the APSF Newsletter will explore some of the symptoms, contributing factors, and consequences for our patients, professionals and practices. We will also look at one institution’s experience and efforts to recognize and reduce its effects. With appropriate education and awareness, we can arm ourselves with the tools needed to ameliorate this growing trend. Read Full Article…