Volume 8, No. 1 • Spring 1993

Suction Of C02 Suggested as Needed as Well as Nasal 02 During Cataract Surgery

Wes Simpson

To the Editor

I am writing in response to the letter from Doris M. Penndorf, CRNA (Volume 7, No. 2, page 19). Several years ago we purchased a similar device for delivering supplemental oxygen for our patients undergoing cataract surgery with M.A.C. Initially, we used the device in a similar fashion to Ms. Penndorf’s s institution, and we had many of the same concerns. We feel we have resolved the potential dangers by the following modifications

1. Rather than using the perforated ether screen to deliver supplemental oxygen, we hook it up to low level continuous suction. This draws in room air under the drapes and effectively scavenges excess oxygen and exhaled carbon dioxide.

2. All patients receive supplemental oxygen via nasal cannula. Nasal cannula which deliver oxygen and allow for ETC02 sampling are also available for use on selected patients.

3. As part of our overall safety program, information was obtained from the manufacturers as to the flame retardant characteristics of the disposable drapes that we use.

In addition to the above modifications, the anesthesiologists routinely provide appropriate monitors throughout the procedure. These modifications have been used successfully for more than 10 years in our institution.

Wes Simpson 11

Lead Anesthesia Technician Surgical Services Division Sharp Memorial Hospital San Diego, CA

Immediate Past President

California Association of Anesthesia Technologists and Technicians