Circulation 60,475 • Volume 13, No. 2 • Summer 1998

NPSF Launches Listserv, Seeks Safety Ideas, Input

To support the National Patient Safety Foundation’s mission to “raise awareness and foster communication and dialogue to enhance patient safety,” an Internet website bulletin board called “patientsafety-l” was launched. “Patientsafety-l” is an unmoderated listserv devoted to thoughtful conversation toward the development of a safer health care system. “Patientsafety-l” is primarily oriented to the interests of health professionals, systems and human factors specialists, and others involved in exploring the professional, consumer and systems issues related to patient safety.

This is not an Internet forum to register or harbor complaints against specific practitioners. The list will also not accept advertising of any kind. Announcements of book materials and symposia must be sent directly to the moderator, Lorri Zipperer, at <[email protected]> for consideration and review. Any subscriber generating an inappropriate activity of this type (or any type) will be removed from the list.

All subscribers should take note to not dispense medical information or legal advice over this list.

To subscribe to “patientsafety-l,” send an e-mail message to [email protected], and in the body of the message, type: SUBSCRIBE patientsafety-l (L, not one) yourFirstname yourLastname (example: SUBSCRIBE patientsafety-l John Doe).

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Information Project Manager, National Patient Safety Foundation at the AMA, Chicago, IL

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