Circulation 60,475 • Volume 13, No. 4 • Winter 1998

ASA Patient Safety Videotapes Listed; Requests Go Directly to Glaxo-Wellcome

For nearly a decade, one source of anesthesia patient safety information has been a series of video productions jointly conceived and produced by the ASA Committee on Patient Safety and Risk Management and the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation. Dr. Ellison C. Pierce has served as the Executive Producer of the tape series. Glaxo-Wellcome has consistently provided production and distribution support for this effort. The entire series of ASA Patient Safety Videotapes, since its inception, is listed here for reference:

Cassette A – 3 Videos:

No. 1 – ASA Series Overview;

No. 2 – Preventing Disconnection in the Breathing Circuit;

No. 3 – Anesthesia Machine Checkout

Cassette B – 3 Videos:

No. 4 – Anesthesia Record Keeping;

No. 5 – Human Error in Anesthesia; No. 6 – Adverse Events

Cassette C – 3 Videos:

No. 7 – Monitoring with the Six Senses;

No. 8 – Monitoring with Instruments;

No. 9 – Anesthesia Equipment Service: An Organized and Cooperative Approach to Maintenance and Repair

Individual Cassettes:

No. 10 – Margin of Safety: Monitoring the Neuromuscular Junction

No. 11 – Emergence: Patient Safety in the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit

No. 12 – The Impaired Practitioner

No. 13 – Safety Considerations in Obstetrical Anesthesia

No. 14 – Anatomy of an Anesthesia Machine

No. 15 – The Difficult Airway, Part One: The Algorithm

No. 16 – The Difficult Airway, Part Two: Management – The Cricothyroid Membrane

No. 17 – Central Venous Catheter Complications

No. 18 – Infection Control in the Practice of Anesthesia

No. 19 – The Difficult Airway, Part Three: Fiberoptic Intubation

No. 20 – Fire in the Operating Room

No. 21 – An Anesthetic Catastrophe

No. 22 – Crisis Management in Anesthesia

No. 23 – Memory and Awareness in Anesthesia

No. 24 – Perioperative Peripheral Nerve Injury

No. 25 – Sedation and Analgesia by Non Anesthesiologists

No. 26 – Drug Errors in Anesthesia

No. 27 – Anesthesia in Remote Locations Safety

No. 28 – Fatigue: Implications for the Anethesiologist

No. 29 – Production Pressure in Anesthesiology

APSF Booth at ASA Features Electronic Media

Glaxo-Wellcome has announced a new way that remaining copies of the ASA Patient Safety Videotapes can be requested.

ASA Patient Safety Videotapes are currently available from Glaxo-Wellcome by calling: 1-888-Talk2GW (1-888-825-5249). In the automated answering system, on the first menu prompt, press #1 and on the second menu prompt, press # 6. This will place the caller in contact with a service representative who will process a request for patient safety videotapes.