Circulation 84,122 • Volume 25, No. 3 • Winter 2011   Issue PDF

APSF Celebrates its 25th Anniversary at the ASA Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA.

Pictured in photo are original members of the APSF Executive Committee (left to right) Dr. Jeffrey B. Cooper, Dr. E.S. Siker, Mr. James F. Holzer, JD, Mr. Burton A. Dole, and the first editor of the APSF Newsletter, Dr. John H. Eichhorn—all were present at the APSF 25th Anniversary celebration.

The late Dr. J. S. Gravenstein was honored at this historical event.
Ms. J. S. Gravenstein and son, Dr. Nick Gravenstein, were both in attendance.

Dr. Ellison C (Jeep) Pierce, Jr., MD, founding president of APSF, addressed the anniversary celebration guests by video.

John J. McFadden, CRNA, PhD,
Wanda Wilson, CRNA, PhD and
Paul W. Santoro, CRNA.

Steven R. Sanford, JD and Timothy W. Vanderveen, PharmD.

Dr. Stoelting and Dr. Shaefer.

Drs. Michael and Georgia Olympio.

Drs. Carol and Alexander Hannenberg with Dr. Stoelting.